Hotel and Grounds

The hotel

Thanks to its magnificent countryside and coastal views, the Beacon is a Country House Hotel with the emphasis very much on peace and quiet and natural beauty. 

The hotel and grounds commands one of the best vistas in the area, with far reaching views inland and along the coast to St Ives, and not to forget the endless stargazing that can be done across the moonlit sea in the evenings.

Family owned

The Beacon is very much a family run Hotel with Nigel, Jayne, Sam and Alice all working to make your stay one to remember.

Local staff

The family are fully supported by Gary the Hotel Manager, our chef, and a number of local waiters, waitresses and housekeepers who are geared to providing our visitors with the opportunity to relax and unwind in the quiet, friendly and stunning surroundings.

The gardens

Beautifully located on the slopes of the Beacon, our two acres of hotel grounds are proudly looked after by Mike the gardener who boasts 50 years of experience! There are plenty of benches and seats to sit and admire the changing colours, have a drink from the bar, listen to the sounds of the countryside.

Surrounded by wildlife, rabbits, foxes, pheasants and other birds, our hotel and grounds ensures the hustle and bustle of city life are left far behind.

We are please to say that we have 2 * 7Kwh electric car charging points located at the hotel for guests to use during their stay. Please note you will need to download an app on arrival and charges per Kwh apply.

Lovely place and so friendly!

My partner and I stayed here for 2 nights over the Bank Holiday weekend and really enjoyed it. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming the whole time! The room was big and comfortable (with nice views over the countryside) and the garden is so pretty. Breakfasts are good, and we had dinner one night which…

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